About Us


At Benchmark Painting our goal is to elevate the industry standards for painting companies while remaining cost-competitive and upholding our commitment to the environment.

As Benchmark we embrace every painting project with responsibility, dedication and attention to detail. With over 25 years of collective experience in both residential and industrial/commercial painting, we have the required tools and knowledge to deliver superior quality painting services at the best possible value.

We continually strive for higher levels of quality and customer service in our never ending quest for maximum customer satisfaction. Such mindset has earned us the loyalty and trust of many clients.

Founded on the core values of respect, dedication and honesty, Benchmark Painting is committed to higher levels of social and environmental responsibility. As well as the ability to use any type of conventional paint systems we constantly seek out and source any type of latest low VOC / environmental paints and materials that will provide healthier homes / work spaces while protecting the environment. Let us know what your project needs are and we will endeavor to source the materials/paint for your specific project.

At Benchmark Painting, we know how deadlines have to be met. We know that scheduling can be tricky. We pride ourselves with being one of the most flexible painting companies when it comes to your schedule. We know that our clients don’t have time to waste so we will bring as many painters as it takes to get the job completed on time, every time.

Our experience in commercial painting exceeds most and we are proud of that. Our portfolio includes an array of projects spanning from carpark painting to a range of residential projects.

Not Just Perth…

Most commercial painting contractors will only work in their own city. We at Benchmark Painting know the importance of commercial relationships and that not all jobs will be conveniently located in one’s own hometown, that is why we service the entire Western Australia. If you have the work, we have the man power and capability.

Please contact us for any painting estimates. Please forward any emails, invitations to tender, or plans to estimating@benchmarkpainting.net.au or call Selman on 0420 980 594.





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